SALE Teething/Breastfeeding Necklace

SALE Teething/Breastfeeding Necklace

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BREASTFEEDING & TEETHING NECKLACE. Our teething necklaces & breastfeeding necklaces are a perfect combination of style & practicality, a must have modern accessory for all mamas to enjoy with their baby when snuggled up together.  

Designed to be:
• Chewable & interesting for baby, while stylish for mama to wear
• Used to soothe sore gums when baby is teething 
• A sensory aid to help baby maintain focus while feeding 
• Easy to grip by little hands & encourage the development of hand eye co-ordination 
• Quick to clean & dry (wash in warm soapy water & leave to air dry)

Necklace Information:
Please note SALE items are not gift boxed. The beads are mounted on a silk nylon cord with a breakaway clasp fitted so that the necklace simply pops undone should little hands tug too enthusiastically, to avoid a strain on mamas neck. All the beads are secured in place on the cord with knots tied at either end for extra security. All necklaces are made to a standard 28 inches; this hangs low on your chest making it easy for little ones to grab the beads. If you would prefer your necklace to be made longer or shorter, please let us know we can do a custom length.


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